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General Dentistry

What is General Dentistry?

When thinking about your overall health, your dental health is an important piece of that. Your general dentist plays an important role in your oral health. The main goal of general dentistry is to prevent disease and maintain the health of their teeth and mouth. The majority of visits in the general dentistry field are related to diagnostic or preventative in nature. When problems in the mouth are left unintended or untreated, they will only get worse.

When looking for a Dentist office near me, you should expect an exam of your mouth, a cleaning, a discussion about your health, and potentially x-rays. A Dentist office near me will most likely perform these types of services:

Preventative Services which include regularly scheduled exams. During those exams, your dentist will provide you instructions for your at home care. The dentist may also recommend services that can be preventative in nature, such as sealants.

Restorative Services which includes addressing any problems you may encounter and providing the necessary treatment. This may include removing decay that has built up and filling teeth as needed. They may also provide care for a loose or broken tooth. You may have some sort of pain which requires treatment. They may help you with dentures, crowns, bridgework, or root canals.

Addressing your dental concerns may also be beneficial for other health concerns or problems you may have. If you have an oral infection, it could have negative impacts on diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Dentists can help pinpoint other issues you may have and refer you to the proper person.

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